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Am in need for 1 ticket for moi :iconfused Dont want to pay loads of money on ebay for one, cause i dont actually have much money :isad:

If anyone can help, please please let me know

Rachael xxx
Rach, there's a couple on scarlett mist ( going for just under face value... £105.
Have asked one of my housemates too, 'cos he knew someone that had a couple to sell yesterday... Finger's crossed!!
Yay, so totally and utterly fab that you will be in attendence! :jump:
Am on scarlet mist at the mo and thanks for asking your housemate! Fingers crossed i will be there................
Rach!!! £100 and the ticket I was talking about is yours....
Need to let me know asap tho, as the guy is only around for another hour or so! You could pick it up tomorrow if you weren't planning on heading there tonight...
Hope you read this in time... !!
Oh i do say!

Wow - as long as i can get in ok with it then WOOOOHOOOO! What do i have to do?? Where shall i pick it up? Is he in London? Whats his name? Where is he from?? Hehe, ok seriously though, what shall i do about it regarding picking it up etc
Rach, I've got to go into a meeting, but have said you defo want the ticket... :Grin:
will let you know when I've heard back (and after said meeting) about where / when to pick it up from...
Would be picking it up tomorrow in central London is all I know for now...
yay woo! I've pm'ed you the info you need Rach!
how awesome... you're coming to Glade - HURRAH!!! :jump:
Massive thanks to Pete and his mate... total stars! :Grin:
Let's go fab things up once more... :ismile:
:lol1: :lol1: :cooljump: :cooljump: :lol1: :lol1:

Thank you!! Woop woop, see you tomorrow :sun: :sun:

Time travel agents?

Let's all go back to 18 years ago, yayyyyyyyyy :Rofl:

But seriously, Ans, can we have another one please? At Wasing lakes again... in the baking sunshine?...:Grin::Drinks: