Top 10 Glen (Iboga\UK) oct-nov top 10

glen (iboga)

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1. Ticon - Six Years After (Digital Structures)

2. Coburn - We Interupt This Program - Jean Claude Ades Rmx (Great Stuff)

3. Casa Flava - Further South (Iboga)

4. Antix - Cold Night - Freq rmx (Iboga)

5. Justus Kohnckle - Time Code (Kompakt)

6. Minilogue - Certain Things Around You - Steve Barnes Rmx (Traum)

7. Behind Blue Eyes - Brumbass - Emok Rmx (Iboga)

8. Kasey Taylor - Trapped - Chris Micali mix (Vapour)

9. Antix - Hiding Place - Phony Orphants Rmx (Iboga)

10. Behind Blue Eyes - Shadow Enviroment (Iboga)

mad ron

timecode has been my tune of the decade up there with the sky was pink (Holden) and Tonight (MANDY). Good to see minilogue on traum too. Crossover shiznit.

glen (iboga)

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I LOVE time code... and holdens take on the sky was pink is THE bollox. Not sure if I know Tonight though. Have to check it out!

glen (iboga)

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canyouhearthegoblins said:
when's disco shit coming out? :Smile3:

you mean by Junk? Not sure... quite a while yet I think. Also think it will be Nanobeat not Iboga. But I'll feel you in when we know 100%