Global Trance Network - compiled by Ben (Dynamic)


Spiral time traveller

Ive really liked wot the boys from Dynamic have been Involved in/Produced since their debut Cd, so i was really lookin forward to getting this release, But im bemused by Track 1 (inside me) and track 9 (planet ben)......its like euro Pop weirdness.........YUK!!!!!!!!
Now im all up for experimentation to evolve the scene right now, and i really like melodic Psy trance too, even the more housey soundin stuff , but WTF is this Guys?....i sure hope its just a Blip of madness
Its lucky theres a coupla good trax on the Cd else id be really gutted
wots yer thoughts?....anyone actually like This stuff, speciallty track 1?


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good point, i agree it sounds like shit euro trance or somthing. Only track that sticks out off the top of my head is Drugs. Thats a phatt choon. he rest either sound like ive heared it 9 milliion times before or sound really poo wich i dont hear very often cus i refuse to listen to SHIT.


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I spoke to shay, one of the dynamic boys, and he said that hes is working on a lot of different styles at the moment. He also produces alot of proggy stuff, so maybe hes trying out new styles... i think the bass lines are improving much more, you can here the influence from junya, hence their project together dynamo. yep couple killer traks, the rest is standard.


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Glad you boyz spoke up I was one click away from an order!!
sounds a bit standard or odd though! :!:

Will Dogon

When i heard the sample of that first track, i nearly pissed meself :excessiv: .....what the fuck is that??? sounds like bloody vengaboys or that fooking vindaloo song that was about a coupla years ago. Are they having a laugh or what.....hence i was put off buyinjg this compilation from the offset :huh: :lol: