gloomy thread:Post-punk/goth/grey area/cold and minimal wave etc.


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Just noticed we didn't have a dedicated area to be all mopey and stuff. :Biggrin:

Been listeninng to this lately, there is definitely a post punk renaissance going on, loving it!

How did I miss this?? Fair warning of the she, but your bump timing is terrible.

I have been revisiting early Dead Can Dance this week to get in the spirit before seeing them live. Hand's up, when ethereal gloom comes calling, I nearly always defer to Cocteau Twins and cannot remember the last time I listened to one of their records in full, so this is quite the throwback. Cue flashbacks to candle-lit catharsis in a damp room, midnight wanders round old buildings and screams from the void during my student years. It's weird, actually - I am twenty-one rain-dancing with existential crisis again listening to Cantara and it must be two decades since I last took it out for a spin.

That's because I am a first album girl, but it's funny how tastes change - back in the day, I preferred their mellower tunes. Revisiting this week, I'm really digging the sparse texture of Frontier...

...and the proto-shoegaze hit of A Passage In Time.

This was the first of the she I ever heard, of course, possibly still my favourite.