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OK, I think I posted this already some time ago, but the crash might have taken the post down? Can't see it anywhere.

houses a lot of tracks by me & some friends, mostly melodic & full on, not necessarily 100% traditional psy sounds however... I'm not interested in doing genre music.

However I've found out that these tunes affect people who like psy & electro/80s synth sounds the best, so I think there will be a lot of people who'll be interested in here too :Smile3:

Some quicklinks for some general idea about what kind of music I do (the site is now in finnish & maybe a bit hard to navigate for foreign people, but we're working on an all new bilingual layout)
Hi-nrg 80s SID influenced happy discomusic
More traditional full-on goa
acid folk electro

Or change the mp3 suffix to ogg to enjoy smaller file sizes with better quality...

-**--** love & laughter --**--**, Kim & the rest of the Aavepyörä posse!
Hey nice one dude! these tunes are cool! Psy & Electro/80s synths sounds about right! Good stuff!

(Vic/J, if you're about give these a listen! Funky funky!!)

Oooh excellent. Very tasty if i may say so. :jump: :partysmi: :speaker: :partysmi: :jump:
Thanks for the encouraging comments!

If you liked Suvetar, you CAN'T go wrong in checking out also Gjallarhorn, the worldst most bestest & superest ethno band!
The album Suvetar is the single most delightful piece of music I'm happy to ever have heard... (wasn't I excited when I got the opporturnity to remix them!!)

I think there are some lq real audio versions of all the tracks up at their website.
wheeeeeeeee! helou sir!

im listening to your muzak &
...... well i give it the funky pineapple rating

usually i like dark twisted nightmare psy but this is scrumptious!

gonna listen to moooore
yessiir, I can boogie! (hmm sorry, U probably don't know M.A. Numminen so taht deson't mkae any snese)

I was somewhat expecting maybe even a magnificent mango rating, but I guess I'm happy with pineapples, too %-) (as long as they are extra sweet & organic...)

This is sad, why, oh why I have a dayjob and on top of that summer is coming with all the fun summer things------> means that I don't think I'll be able to squeeze too many new tracks out until autumn :Sad: (and then it'll be time to complain about my studies taking all the time. blah. what's it take to go full-time @ doing trax???)

I'm quitting job in 6 weeks. Yes! Yes! Joooooo!
joo joo! there werent any mango emoticons anteeksi! :no:
ananas was the best they had!

and banani but that was in mun signature so didnt halua to overuse the pikku poika!

[smiling] Nice Finnish :Grin:

Here's something fresh from the oven: (just made the final render 15min ago)

303 overdose!!!

Hmm. We were swimming in the sea the day before yesteday (or more like, the night before yesternight), there was something sharp in the bottom and I messed up my foot :no:.
Well. At least I got 2 weeks leave from work so there'll be plenty of time to do music, read or whatever since I'm pretty much tied to my room now.

I think there's a lesson hidden somewhere...
"voluntarily disabling yourself makes for some easy time off work & any other responsibilities you might have"? Dunno...
paljon suukko for sun jalka

errr...i know thats wrong but u get the idea :Grin:
No, no- I don't think there's anything wrong with that, just go ahead :Wink3: hih!

And, actually, I'm quite enjoying this! (the free time that is, _not_ having my heel split...)