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Hi, I am studying Social and Cultural Anthropology and for one of my classes I am writing about the Goa party scene in Belgium but also its links to the Goa scene worldwide also uk. If you have some time and you are interested in Goa sharing you can e-mail me your thoughts at novella109@yahoo.com! In return - if you are ever in Belgium to party - I'll buy the drinks and if no one else is staying here - you can!:Smile3:

2. Country
3. Male or Female?
4. What is Goa?
5. Is there a Goa philosophy/ Spirituality? Can you describe it?
6. What is the Goa community like in the country you live in? Is there a connection to other Goa communities?
7. What was the best Goa party you have ever been to? Why?
8. Have you ever been to Goa, India? If the answer is no – do you want to go?
9. Many people criticize Goa parties especially in Anjuna for ‘selling out’ for becoming materialistic, drug and crime ridden, globalized mass-tourist attractions, and neo-colonial in the sense that they do not respect the local Indian culture? Do you agree/disagree?
10. Anything you wish to add?