Goch - Forte (EP, Kali Earth Records) Pre-listen/order now. World Wide release on the 15th of Octobe


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Ya-hey all, what a wonderful world * Hope all is doing good and feeling well.

Artist: GOCH
EP title: FORTE
Label: KER
Release date: 15th of October 2019
cat. number: KERDiG004 + KERCDr004
main distributor: Koldbeat/Beatspace

Do you enjoy the music drive and flow of GOCH? Visit him here: goch.bandcamp.com ----- Kali Earth Records from Norway utter awe by shock-releasing a hard- and void dripping dark psychedelic Forest trance EP by the artistic and powerful sonic sensation "GOCH" whose musical exhalation and touch in stellar groove is made of what ingredients few others possess, and access .... So let go of your pillow- and get pulled and prepare for a merciless mystical 4-track ride through hot kicks, bearing basses, and arboreal spirit ghosts with stomping chakras' ready to surround your presence and knock reminisces from a carved matrix indulged in natures burial space. Take care. With P.L.U.R, KER

Just push play:

^ if you like it pre-order it -if you can- for extra support and the pleasure of owning it.

Pre-order the release here, all economical support will go to the artist:

Or pre-order it from the distribution's channels here (more shops will be posted):
Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/forte/2731857

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