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Hello all,

thought you might be interested to see what the tutorage on kicks has taught me!

the track is not finished, although i know exactly where it's going, and have it all planned out.

the kick is much better to my way of thinking.

any opinions?

do you reckon it's good enough to send in to people?(production wise)

the address is:

and the track is called 'slapped carp'

there's only 1:45 up, so it shouldn't take to long!

any opinions as always, welcomed, and as you can see tried!
Sorry... what kick tutorial... the infected one???
i'm listening!

i ove hte bas, definalty something i'd use too...driving

the kick's very bassy, i'd have a bit more pitch envelope myself, quicker envelope, starting at a higher pitch?

love the metalic duckaducka's too, sounds like it could really build up to something BIg!
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no no - the one i got here!


Cheers man - pleased you like it :Smile3:
The kick sound is fine but the important thing is that the kick/bass work together as an organic entity. And they do, well done bloke. I reckon the this is the thing that stops a tune sounding like a load of amateur pants, you seem to have cracked the hard part :punk:
Good luck with the labels! Keep us posted.

PS One day I'm hoping to DL an unsigned tune that makes my stuff sound better. Not today...bah!
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (AlternateContinuum @ Apr 7 2004, 06:28 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> I reckon the this is the thing that stops a tune sounding like a load of amateur pants [/quote:3cc340b1c0]
Too bloody right.

The years I have spent bemoaning my lack of skills in the production area.

:no: :no: :no:

still. no excuses now hey? If i can't turn out something quality, i only have my musicality, and my composering skills to blame.

oo er.... :crazy:

great big hugs n' thanks for the positive feedback. This really does mean a lot to me!
the kick sounded very good to me, a definate improvement. the only thing i noticed that i wanted to point out was the crash cymbal type thing that you use twice in the first half of it seems to not be hitting exactly on the beat. maybe you could load the crash sample into an audio editor and check if there is a bit of a gap before the first transient. it could just be my internet connection stopping at that exact moment for a split second but i listened to it a few times so i dont know. other that that good show old chap, and good luck with getting it released :Smile3:
hello double-helix :Smile3:

The cymbal thing was deliberate, so obviously that isn't working, and i'll sort it out! I'm glad you think the kick has improved, and you can pat yourself on the back for that one!

cheers for the advice and positive feedback

Yeah Speaka...

I enjoyed listening to that, can't wait to hear the fulll version. I have to agree with JSainsbury about the bassiness though but overall it was a fun track with some pleasing sounds IMO.

Sweet :sun:

i listened to it on speakers for the first time yesterday, and was appalled by how bassy everything sounded. *sigh*

i really must get some monitors and move into a location where i am actually allowed to play my music! *grrrr*

thanks for taking the time to listen, and i'm glad you enjoyed the track. :Smile3:
wow. wish i could get my tunes sounding so clean :Sad:

yeh, as everyone said the kick and bass work well together. hardest part done eh :Smile3: i love the dark atmosphere but I think you're not doing enough with the lead sound. i like the sound of it but its not taking me anywhere melody wise. oh, and more hats please :Smile3:

cant wait to hear the finished tune!!!
hello dogcow, thanks for taking the time to have a listen.

thankyou for the criticism, i will see what i can do about it :Wink3: it really is much nicer to have someone say something like that, then be left in the dark about it, so thanks again.

it has taken me over four years now to get tracks sounding even faintly 'clean'. in fact i've only just got even reasonably happy with my tracks in the last month. don't give up! you will get there, but it's a bloody long and hard road. Just keep on getting better and better, one track at a time, and don't get frustrated would be my advice.

Again, thankyou for the criticism and advice, which i shall endeavour to implement :Smile3:
Okay everyone!

It's finished!

Head on over to the link i put at the top, and you can hear the full track, it is now called 'Mandrake' though...

Looking forward to hearing what you think of the finished article, and I have sent it off to various people! :Smile3: