Google and China - in pictures!

Jason Frog

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martin_e said:
I've read a fair amount about the China/Google/Censorship debate and it's a complex kettle of fish to be honest.

But this simple example which a friend sent really does put it in perspective:

Google Image Search

Google China Image Search

the only perspective that example shows is that the Google China Image Search only returns images that are hosted on sites that are within the .cn domain space, regardless of what you type in to search for.

those tiananmen square images haven't been explicitly censored themselves, its just that they are hosted on servers outside of China.


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Interesting point .Makes sense as well :Grin:
Hmm... wonder if you can route through China using a proxy! ... thinks!


This is such a red herring subject though. Obvious things like tienemen square don't need censoring that much. It's common knowledge. The Chinese know full well how brutal their government is. They only have to look on the streets.

The purpose of censorship in China is to prevent western culture taking a foothold (democracy is their greatest fear). It's not about keeping the Chinese in the dark about China.