gothic clothing for sale


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i've got various gothic clothing for sale all brand new and under the names RAVEN and SDP. all items range from satin and lace dresses to velvet tail coats and matrix style pin stripe ankle length jackets. all clothing is in the price ranges of £4 to £60 almost half the retail price if you were to buy in the shops. for more info or a range of photos sent to your mobile contact me on 07859718680 or mail me ands i'll see what i can do catalogue wise.

tanya (HIPPYTAT)


can you not put the pics up on here, some of us ahem cant get pictures on there moblies :hehe:

Trance Bear

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sweet stuff. could you mail me some pictures of someof those pinstripe jackets. i've searched for bloody ages for one of them.


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a velvet tail coat! much.


umm yeah maybe mail me the stuff too , would be nice to see what you have and suff :Smile3:


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oh dear oh dear these goths are soooo sad are they still listening to the fields of the nephilim and chucking flour about? get a life kids