Gradius III & IV for the PS2

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I just got this shooter game the other day, it is availible for Euro-PAL Playstation 2, but I don't know if it's the same as the Japanese version (the one this post is about).

Sadly the tune isn't on the sound tests for the game, but - I just found out now - it does seem to be on the soundtrack!

It must be track 93 listed here, Demo Movie 2. Hey cool, I answered my own question I think.

Anyways - if you like psy-trance DVD music videos then you'll likely love the Intro and the 2nd Intro with the trance tune.

link to Japanese PS2 Gradius III & IV game*

link to CD soundtrack

*won't work on a Euro-PAL PS2
I used to have the very first one on my Nintendo 8 bit. I can even remember the tune now...


I remember if you pause it and press up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right Button, button unpause - you get all the options.


Theres a maia timewarp too - If you shootall the baddies on a level. I used to shit myself, believing I had discovered true timetravel..

Nothing on Zelda though.

Remember Kid Icarus? Shit me that was awesome.