Graphic Artist Wanted


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
Dashing, witty, genius T-Shirt entrepreneur has saleable designs and fall-on-the-floor wordsets and ideas, but bugger all graphics skills.

Seeks technical & artistic genius to adapt logos, sort layouts, liaise with clothing suppliers to produce knockout designs for T-Shirts, hoodies and hats.

50-50 split on all profits. Option to get stall running at festivals around Europe this summer. Eventual plan to take over world.

PM's please.

No timewasters.


I've got some designs too. Let me know if you get things going and I'll chip 'em in.

I'm also not too bad with Corel Draw (v8!) and Photoshop (although I by no means class myself as an expert) but unfortunately I don't have a lot of time. However, if you want to do that diary thing again I'd be up for it. Liasing with clothing suppliers though... nah.

If anyone has any largish clear images of the 'Carhartt' logotype, could they send them to me? Ta.


World Watching
Bad By Design? there doing flyers + websites for the likes of Drumatics, Crystal Yakamanta, Omnipsyance (Bristol one not kent) and there very own Aqueus..



I do flyers for raves that don't exist and I'm a genius.


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I'm doing graphic and digital design at uni, been speding allot of my free time on photoshop. here are some early designs, i have loads more but they are up at uni, will post them soon, but heres a trippy taste.

(sorry for size)


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