Great cover versions.

I just saw there's 2 vols of "crazy covers" that Tom Middleton picked out Vol1 & vol2

woah - Uwe Schmidt is prolific! discogs

this isn't a cover but it might serve as a palate cleanser to cut through the cheese. HAT is a pick from MixmasterMorris and features Atom Heart (Uwe Schmidt) with Haruomi Hosono (YMO) and Tetsu Inoue (FAX recs )

erm..Todd Terje covering Ace of Bass anyone?
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* Slayer do actually suck
Nice one people! Will check these out over the weekend (currently away from home). Quick scan of the Middleton volume track lists and I notice Jose Feliciano contributes to one of them. He does a great jangly (albeit shortened) version of the lovely song Guantanamera.

My absolute favourite cover...

Loving the Tool, Loop and Fu Manchu recordings. I had forgotten about Placebo - nice one.

Really not sure about Emika. On balance, there's nothing I can cite to dislike - it's really well done, actually - but it just doesn't sit right. Half of my love for that song is Chris Issak's voice. The other half is an even split between the guitar tone and Helena. :p Maybe it will grow on me.

Anyhoo, today is the 31st of October. Last week, I was nominated by two mates to host scary movie night and make pumpkin pie, which has now escalated into a proper gathering round mine complete with face paints, jack-o-lanterns and suchlike. Currently compiling an appropriate playlist of songs while waiting for pastry, which reminded me of some fab covers.

Happy Halloween, people! Smile2.gif
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Possibly better than the original: