Great cover versions.

Do we need another thread just for Mother Sky covers? I think that might be awesome.
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not sure if its been posted, what a gem

Yeah well course it is Of course fucking of course. What the hell is wrong with me?
(that's a rhetorical question. I already have a full staff of shortcoming advisors and I'm not looking to the internet to increase my self-loathing capability resource pool.)
Sorry to break it to ya, little 'un, but I think that boat has sailed.
This tune does what a cover shoudl do - take a different spin on the original. Always a dancefloor fave in sunny sheffield..

And another great spin on a classic, that was a little ahead of its time (1988!!)

I've heard that colliery band before - good shout.

About six months ago, I became quite enchanted by an acoustic version of Africa I stumbled across on YouTube where two guys are jamming in their local pizzeria. It's not massively original, but I love the guitarist's raw enthusiasm, excellent pitch and sweet PA. It's also fab to harmonise to. :Grin: Their covers of Paranoid Android by Radiohead and Bowie's Space Oddity are good fun too.

In a similar vein is this young lady doing Yes. I absolutely adore the original, every cheesy nanosecond of it. Her version is obviously very different, but arghhhhhh. What. A. Voice.

Chucklesome genre mash up - or shockingly misjudged?

On safer ground, the masters of comedy geezer punk cover versions..

This was a favourite of mine in my teens and I heard it recently and... yea I still love it :Smile3:

yum yum yum!