Great cover versions.

SLF took a Bob Marley tune and pretty much made it their own - originally about Kingston, but could have been written about Belfast - which is why its so powerful..

This little gem came from a mate's pop playlist on random. Took me a minute to realise what it was by which time I had already slinkybopped half way round his kitchen. I don't even like the original. Skillz.

Nana Bryndis Hilmarsdóttir & Brynjar Leifsson (Of Monsters & Men) - Kids (MGMT cover)
Hope nobody's already posted this.

Just went to listen to it for the first time in ages and realised it's a cover of a Neil Young song:

Necrobump incoming! Been thinking for a while that it would be nice to revisit this thread, though scrolling through tonight, I'm clearly gonna have to fix some dead links at some point. And what made me think of it was discovering the joys of bardcore. Does what it says on the tin - contemporary songs done in a medieval style. There are various imitators now, most of which are a bit pants, but it started with YouTubers, Cornelius Link and Hildegard von Blingin' - it's the latter I'm really taken with. The arrangements are a delight, but also, what a voice!

This was my first. At "nonny nonny no", I just fucking lost it.

I don't even know the original, but this is really quite beautiful.

Her channel - they're all great.

I have TJ to thank for putting me onto Lotte Kestner, whose material largely consists of covers - pick a track, any track.