Great cover versions.

Reckon I will be having a good dig through that Jukebox channel tomorrow - just clicked on a couple at random for a quick thirty-second blast of each and they were both very promising. Will report back!
I meant to come back to this thread and totally forgot. Don't think I ever heard the original of Praise You before - nice one! Here are a few more:

Stoner Arcade Fire. N.B. Spotlights have released a few covers this year, including Pixies and Radiohead, but this one just pips them for me.

Doom Fleetwood Mac.

Folk Fresh Prince.

Some corkers here!

I especially love the mediaeval take on Haddaway's 1993 poptastic "What is Love?"

[Haddaway and shite :Wink:]

I've been listening to this a few times of late:

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