Great cover versions.

This is fucking amazing
I like the way she winds up before beginning to play, seems like she's eliminating a bunch of cross-talk from her mind before she begins

I'm sure we've all seen this, but I'm always delighted to hear someone yell 'COME ON YOU CUNT LET'S AVE SOME APHEX ACID' in the context of an orchestral performance:

Pretty sure that's been posted before. But yeh tidy. They also do aphexs Minipops from the Syro album.
They've transcribed and performed a full album of AFX covers!

The full repertoire is insane, well worth digging into:
Their website's pretty naff but the music is incredible.

Here's one of my favourite covers (the original is also incredible)

Their cover of Fingerbib makes me smile most righteously, the recording/mix engineer(s) did a great job of pulling some fantastic psychedelic textures out of the instrumentation throughout the album... Their interpretation of 4 is definitely worth a listen as well

Actually, I've got one for ya

A live funk band from Melbourne, Australia doing Smack My Bitch Up really fucking well, and very fucking live

Check their discography for more gold