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Hey All!

VirGearth here, I'm from South Africa. Originally from Liverpool...but that was a long time ago...but now I live in Johannesburg...

I am a local dj and producer(well just started producing) currently signed under Red Eye Productions,
I'm also part of one of the local party productions - Collective Underground. This organisation is all about bringing all he different organisations together to throw huge fuck off parties collectively for the people.... Our next party is in December the 4th to be precise...We have called it "Renegades Against AIDS" so if anyone is in the JHB, South Africa area in Dec, please come support us!
You can see pics from our parties at in the gallery section.

I suppose you can guess I'm a virgo from me nic...nuff said...
:welcome: to the Forum

Only the lucky get to go to S.A this Xmas....

Hiya dude, welcome to the forum. Hope your party kicks Ass on Saturday, wish I could be there with you hun. :speaker:

hugs, tortoise xx
Glad you could join us, make yourself at home.... :drinking: :welcome:
Ello, Ive lived most of my life over here in sunny old Britain, but come orginally from Constantia in Cape Town
Godam! I'm really jealous of all you lot in the southern hemisphere! Just replied to a topic from a guy in Oz who was at earthcore! And you you guys have got the origin festival coming up, I so wish I could go to that.
:cooljump: Bring on our summer time!
welkom my broeeee! :party2: