Greetings fellow world trancers from Brighton, UK


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The party scene in Brighton has been going strong outdoor for about 14 years and I've loved every minute of it. Now I am introducing myself to all parties from a new angle - as a masseur. I am very excited to be joining the festival trek this year as a working staller! So please come and check out my massage stall 'TLC Holistic Massage'.

Our crews include Enlightenment and Party Possible now for psytrance in Brighton. Our parties have always created an electric atmosphere that I biasly find unique, regardless of the indoor/outdoor scene around the world. If you've not tried us yet then please look out for us. If you've been a part of our parties then I thank you for bringing your own special sparkle to our nights.

I am very keen to join others who will be travelling to the festies in Germany this June/July. The first I would like to go to is the Fusion festival. So if there is a space in a van please let me know. And I am delighted to join you all.

Here's to many happy collaborations in the year :party2:
Hello Krystal!

I also am a massage therapist, love massaging at parties (and it is my full time business). I've been to a couple of Enlightenment/Party Possible parties, hope we meet up some day. Perhaps we could gettogether and give four-handed massages!! Very nice!!
Are you gonna be at the Glade festival, krystal or greatruaha? I'm sure I'll be in need of many a massage! :? --> :Grin:
Greatruaha - would love to try a four hand massage! Bet that'll win over the grinners at parties. Be great to catch you. Look out at the German, Spain and Portugal festies am hoping to set up there. Am just starting out self-employed and as business is slow thought I'd go festie trekking. Hoping I can mix festies and self-employed on beaches. Don't fancy standing still too much these days.
Looking forward to meeting up with you.

Red Five - look alive my friend yes it is me TC. How did you guess? Are you out tomorrow night down the Mango club for Mr Raz's birthday and the charity gig?

ZEddie - am off to Germany and though would love to come back for the Glade festie I don't think my little feet will make it there and back for the German festies I am planning. Look out for me in London though I am gonna be turning up doing massage all over. So watch your dancing grinning space.

Hi ZEddie! I will be at the Glade Festival, will have to meet up and let me sort you out with a lovely massage!!

hi TC , welcome to the forum .. it a lovley place were people can chat and gennerally moan about stuff

not really its cool ... any hoo

laters , see ya at the mango 2night for razzys birthday bash

Love the teeth Wiley. Are they all yours? Krystal ain't got your gums yet then.

Thanx for the warm welcome guys.
Hi Krystal,
How ya doin. I have done an aromatherapy massage course but not practiced as yet.
Too busy now promoting a psytrance night in Cheltenhma with my husband and a few dj' mates.
Hopefully will catch you one day for a massage. :Wink3:
am in brighton myself, only just moved down here, looks like a great place and lots going on...

welcome to the forum :Smile3: