Greetings from Canterbury!


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Hi guys, i was directed here from a nice chap on liquids forum. I've just moved to canterbury uni and can remeber going to a liquid party near Leminge forest a little over a year ago. Just interested to see what the psy scene is like in the area.

Any one with any kno, let me kno!


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Hi roomush & :welcome: to the forum - plenty of liquidised peeps here :Wink3: :P


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welcome fella, i live live near u!

theres always a party to be sniffed out, but u've gotta keep your ears to the ground. after a while u'll know about everything round ere. trust.



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Had my ear to the ground, but everytime somebody hears theres a party, no one has details :Sad:

I hear tribe of munt have a party coming up....


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hi there is a reall good party scean in around canterbury
(just might be a bit dry at the mo becuse its winter)

names to look out for are:
alternate perception (shit hot but will probally not be another party till the summer),

organised caos,

sector 63 (there is a warehouse party coming up) psy trance and drum and base

ominscience ( have one coming up in aclub in maidstoone)

(in canterbury lots of raves drink at the cherry tree) there are also normaly flyers on cloths stall in the indoor market

hope this helps.



squat party this saturday. Should be good. 2 dance rigs and a chillout area.


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Check out parties section here, normally has a wide selection, totally the cherry tree always a good place to look out for a party and besides its where i drink so u can say hello. Hopefully see you at sect 63 on sat if not i recon symbosis would b well worth a treck to london, and there is something going on in ashford to boot.... God anit we lucky people spoiled for choice. Tribe of munt is on the 6th of november check out there website for more info on that if u make it see you there its about time i had a good dose of dirty acid techno.

Anyways must get ready for tonight, Peace, Love, Light, and Unity :peace: