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so I will introduce myself a second time, after first thread disappeared..
I am ILSE, 30 years old and DJ of a small underground label here in Germany called Spontaneous Aerobics. I also look after our artistpool and try to find new talents. I live in Hamburg and my labelhead and close buddy is based in Munich. We have four releases so far, and next a up to be released, as well I am planning my own compiled CD on our label.

so far....
:welcome: dude! Enjoy the forum! :Smile3:

hey i live in frankfurt germany. only have been to hamburg as a kids a few times. got my first kiss on a swing in "planten und blomen" when i was 12. :jump: i hear that area up there is the place for parties!!!

:sun: :sun:
hey sharon.....
all depends on mood and what ya like the most.....I feel lost here in the north with my sound....but the events worth to go happen around here, that's true.....
nice place to have first experience in kissing :wub: .......
Hallo Ilse!!! :partysmi:

Welcome to the board and make yourself a 'kiff' and make yourself at home :smokingr: :hehe: