Greetings from Gotham


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Hi all,
Just stumbled across the board and thought I'd say hello. I'm a bit removed from the UK scene here in NYC, although I did get my first taste of psytrance back in '97 at the Psyence Fiction nights at The Fridge. This place seems to be one of the last remaining destinations where music is still discussed (imagine that!) so I hope you don't mind me barging on it. Greetings from NYC! -S


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Welcome to the forum ScomikanI hope you stay and meet many new friends. If you like to listen to Psytrance pop along to and listen to some tracks, download some too, we have live DJ shows and you can interact with them too in the shout box. should give you an insight to the things we get up to here in the UK at parties. Roam around this place get to know it, it has many new features, well new to you :Smile3:
every so often streams the party live over the internet and you can see the action live and hear all the tunes too (if we dont get too carried away that is)
So.....welcome have fun.