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Hi all, I just came here from the Isra site. Born UK living Hawaii and moving to South Africa soonish. Have been djing for a while but the trance scene in Hawaii hasn't started yet, if it ever will, so gigs are slow. Partly the reason for the move to SA. There is going to be a regional Burning Man this weekend and I will play sunday morning so if you are in the area please drop by.

I am in the process of equiping a studio to produce some tunes, I got a mac laptop which I dj off, a m-audio FW410, Dopfer Pcoket Dial. Evolution X-session and an old Yamaha sy35. Logic was my choice of sequencer and I got Absynth, Pluggo, ESX24, Phatmatik Pro and some free soft synts and plugins. Right now I am just trying to get my head around the gear and learn how to use it all, quite a task.

I look forward to learning from some of the experienced members as I go through this process.

Well it nice to be here and thanks to all you who make this such a great community.

:welcome: Plenty of very knowledgable minds to pick here :Smile3: :welcome:

Have fun and enjoy your stay.

welcome aboard- hope u enjoy it here

i see u've licked Gandu's avatar-- speaking of which, where is the dude? any1?
I really didn't expect anyone to read these first posts so much but you guys are a frendly lot.

Thanks for taking the time to welcome me and if you are coming to Hawaii ilet me know.