greetings from the cream horn factory


No. 1 Superguy..
Hello one and all, mickeyblueiiiis here. Some of us have met at the old forum and some maybe on the omniscience forum and i am sure in the brief hiatus whilst the psy forum was metamorphing a few more have been trawelled from psyber space along the way. Well look forward to meeting you all. A little about myself, i enjoy fishing, long walks, tickly body searches and dressing up in mummies clothes apart from the boring stuff i enjoy partying and hope to meet alot of you at the glade.

Take care, be lucky......and remember......Sometime it appen


Aight? Whos the number one super guy? Why werent you at mindzai? and how is life as a good example (teacher) going? and how was snowboarding? (i am not at all jealous because i have been to australia since i last saw you!!) hee hee he

catch up soon dude!


Sticky Toffee Pudding
Eyyyyyyyy.....Mickey dude......yeah...why wernt you at Mindzai..... and r u really a teacher?... I am.. well ...quallied to be one...



Friday in fact......