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I am here.
Well, not very often probably, but you get out of anything what you put in. I'm here now, but with the understanding of Anniccha.
I used to be into going partying a lot, but recently have been very slack. My immediate friends are typically (and rightly) critical of this behaviour.
So last weekend I went to Kulu in Bradford. It was a blinding night. But, I spent the entire time feeling really shy and unable to talk to anyone.
It wasn't because people weren't approachable, in fact, I was astonished at the fluffiness. I embrace fluffiness in all it's extremes and hope to study for a degree in it.
It was because I'm...well, I'm just shy these days. I need to crawl not only out of the shell, but up the mountain and bounce around across the roof of the world. (Fancy travelling in Tibet, anyone?) So I'm planning to do a little more parties (perhaps with less :shrooms: ) and be a bit crazy a little bit more.
I've joined this forum because a friend raves about it (people who know Biggins2012 say yo! yo! yo! he lives downstairs, he's a very old friend) and, already, looking at some other people's postings, I've noticed how much fluff there really is around here.
Anyone who's been going out in Leeds for a long time might associate me with Global Tea, which is now a long dead entity, except in people's minds. Wholly different to Positivitea, we focussed largely on wierd brews from places like Taiwan and Zambia, and audience participation (staff were frequently too mullered to work so customers took control of the tea making). These were some of the best years of my life so far and now my partying experience seems noncommital in comparison. I need a new vocation!
Musicwise, well I was into trance music in 1993 and it never really stopped until a couple of years ago when I sold the decks and buggered off travelling. Since my return, Blur, Buddhist chanting and Opera end up in the player as often as the likes of GMS and Huxflux (but they don't turn me on the same...) I've always been one of those dodgy people who like breakbeats as much as Psytrance and even started playing with making tunes (got bored with all the technicalities involved, am too humanistic).
So tell me about you. Especially if the tales involve fluff and being nice to people and quality, innovative ways of living on this planet. Otherwise, just wanting to say hello really and this is me and

May all beings find liberation xxx

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Oooh Emma Oooooh!!!
Greetings to you!
How do you do?
I like you, it's true!

In what way are you a voyeur?

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gah, someone please help me change my user name!! :Wink3:

Thanks Im fine :Smile3:

I can't remember why I'm voyeur - it came up in one of the threads, perhaps I'll go back to my original title!! Watch that space! :Smile3:
Eyyyup Fil, whippets and flatcaps to you. Actually can only claim token Northerner status (10 years residence) but locals don't seem to call me a poncey southerner anymore, which is nice of them. :Smile3:

Is my avatar moving? Sadly I had to crop it to meet the size limit, check out the full version:
Hi Stuoolong & :welcome: to the forum - and thanks for making my eyes go all wobbly ... :trippn:

More welcomes! Wee hee! Thank you. More interesting avatars. Like the swirly one Percy, it reminds me of something in microbiology but can't quite remember what. RezN8, are you on commission from Mr de Gaia? What kind of day are you all having, are you smiling? I'm managing to today despite near-death experiences on bicycle this morning.

Hello and :welcome: always smiling on here :Grin: wiv quite alot of :bananada: :party2: going on as well, to b honest i think there can b never enought of :hihug: :hihug: going on cause i always feel like :hug1: proberly because no1 ever :love234: to me but all is good and happy. Take care, Peace, Love, Light and unity Stuart :peace:

Ps watch out for this man :partysmi:
crimsonsun said:
Ps watch out for this man :partysmi:

Who is he then? I've always been a bit suspicious of people in suits but he seems fluffy enough...

I am lacking in hug action too. (Probably cos I don't go out enough). In my work I'm not generally allowed to hug people but I mostly specialise in verbal hugging. What's that smiley you used that shows a boy serenading someone with a guitar? Are you wanting to be serenaded? Who would be doing the serenading?

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