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at the momment Austria
Haydo peeps!! good to see the pixies are still talking to each other. I'm working as a night porter in Kitzbuhel at the momment (shit job but i get to go boarding everyday). Anyway i've got alot of time on my hands and free tintanet access so i'll probably be posting lots of random pants about life etc. Keep it real and spread that love!! Ed :sun:
Hey Ed dude, welcome aboard and breathe some fresh mountain air over the forum :Smile3:
:lol1: Cheers bud!! Did my first powder cartwheel today, 1m of pure fresh everywhere. Can't see shit but who cares when your riding the white stuff. Do you ride?
Only on hard concrete with a skateboard. Growing up in Africa didn't give me much snow, therefor whenever I see the stuff, I revert back to being a 6 year old :lol1: :Smile3:
Sorry to harp on but i did have the fatest day today. :Grin: I'm working nights so when i finish i dose myself up on coffeee and head on out for first lift. Today was what you might call a blue bell powpow day, blue skys and 3-4ft of fresh on which i got first tracks. :lol: Guys pack up and come to Austria it's turning out to be a great season. :sun: