My Numenorean friend pointed me in the direction of this particular collective some days past and urged me to make contact, so I am. I'm an Oxford girl (well woman, let's be honest), somewhat fiendish, with a toothy grin and a penchant for ribbetts, chirrups, woaw noises and squelches - amongst other things;-9 I love partying outside especially, and I think the Transit of Venus might possibly be frying my brain in a really good way at the moment. Does anyone else feel it?

Hope to meet some of you this summer, there's a Baraka on in Oxford this Saturday. If you go, look out for me, I've usually got spiky things sticking out of my hair, and will probably be wearing very large furry purple platform boots, and said grin.

Hugs all round

Yay, Oxford's finest Rohan Maiden. :Smile3:

What a weekend. The best I've had in ages, with lots of fine wibbling, wobbling and waffling. Brilliant music, wonderful company, who could possibly want more? (You can keep Valinor mate!) :Wink3:

It's fantastic to see you here. Have fun (as if there were any other possibilites....) :lol:

Huge Hugs,