greetz from sweden


DJohn Mustard Project
Tja Nils! :Smile3:
Välkommen till psy-forum... Hoppas du har det bra här!<o:p></o:p>
Var nånstans bor du I Sverige?<o:p>
Anyway... back to speaking English (hint of nostalgia there – I'm missing the forests and lakes :irazz:Smile3:<o:p></o:p>



I, hippy
thanks "nik" :Smile3:

I'm from nässjö. small town, lottsa forest surrounding us. good place to pick 'shrooms.

I see you live in London. must be the best place to enjoy the music scene. are you goin to many events?


DJohn Mustard Project

Yeah, I know Nässj[font=&quot]ö[/font]... I usually spend some of the summer near hässleholm and in Stockholm (my parents are both Swedish although I was born here :Smile3: )

Hehe, I do try to go to as many events as I can, between working on my own tracks and studying... there's a definitely great scene here in England (IMO) and easy access to all sorts of music :Smile3:

It's great - but as said... I do kinda miss the scandinavian forests!


New regime) The dictator
Hej Nils o valkommen ! (fattade just att det ar fler svenskar har :Smile3:)


..there slowley trickling in..

:welcome: Nils

NilsTentacles said:
...I drink Yogi-tea!QUOTE] bleurgh!! never have i tasted such nastyness...the missus loves it tho !


Hey Nils!

Do feel welcome around here

it's a fun place apart when we all go ballistically silly and tend to offer biscuits all around to keep the pressure low ha ha!

And well spotted for that Brant Bjork avatar! :punk: