Guidance on modular synth hardware and setups.


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Well hello, you lovely bunch of music lovers! I hope you have been rocking those sound waves every day!

I'm looking for some help and advice with regard to building a modular synth hardware setup and was looking for some tried and tested recommendations.
I have been looking into different types of multitrack mixers but I am unsure what would be a good route to go down. I am looking for something that would also work very well with most DAWS like Ableton Live and Logic Pro. Something not too bulky but also compatible, if I were to set up for recording bands and use multiple instruments as well as a couple of extra monitor outputs, wouldn't go a miss.

I currently have a few pieces of hardware that I am currently learning to use and I was looking at some others that could enable me to have more control over parameters in my DAW. I mainly use Ableton Live at the moment but I will likely be experimenting and collaborating with all sorts of musical inputs throughout my studies so the more in-depth detail I can pick up the better. I also need to create CV sample patches for my portfolio any link or information to help me build a better understanding of this area would be very much appreciated.

Current setup.

Akai APC25
Novation SL MK3
Roland TR8s
Behringer TD3
Behringer Crave
Korg Minilogue XD Module
Mackie Profx12V3 Mixer
Roland Quad Core USB Interface

I know there is already a wealth of information on this forum and I have already done quite a bit of digging over the months since stepping back into the cosmos. Since my degree started I currently don't have as much time to dig through pages of forums and I was hoping some of you great musical wizards would be able to spare a few moments for an aspiring musical nut and help shed some light and offer me some guidance on what to use, buy or avoid during this great journey.

Thank you all in advance for taking the time to stop by and help as well as to those who have already provided such wonderful inspiration over the months.