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Hey all, looks like you're having so much fun here, decided to join in,
I'm Jonathan and i'm a knobaholic (Violet Vision/J.Viewz)
great to be here!! :drinking:
welcome and shalom sweetest of honeys...i'm sure you will be greatly entertained and find your toilet humour fits right in here...or is it only me that still laughs at farts? :Wink3: xXx :crazy1: :headbang: :bottomsup: :bananada: :mexwave: :runsmile:
have a falafel and give some luvvin to benny israel for me X
thank you so much :Smile3: so kind and friendly ohhhhh :rolleyes:

Michelu- i do still love fart jokes, it was only a week ago when Shay was kind enough to let me stay in a Healing session he had, i was farting all the way through along with the healing nature music in the background, i found it so funny, but he had to close his eyes and consentrate, which made it even better :Smile3: but i'm afraid your farts are nothing funny, my eyes are still red and i have lost the sense of smell and humor since that horrible day :P yyyyuuuuk
consider yourself lucky your eyeballs didn't melt out of your head. when are you coming to england? when are you going to come?o when are you coming to england? coz i can't hold this guff in my bum (any longer). howz THAT for a little ditty? missing the sound of your geetar strings snapping.
:lolsign: a true poet !!
people like you are illegal here :wacko:

Tweaka, thanks a lot, i think you know israel better than me, i've been to Karmiel once and i felt abroad, spoooooky place. but then again, whenever i leave the studio i feel out of the country, so maybe Karmiel is just like any other non-studio strange airy place...
woohooo i love the icons here :hehe: i love this place hmmm, can hear addiction coming
this is some impressive demonstration of icons you got there
oh, here's the 'show all' button :pengiun: funfunfun
Hello Violet Vision Dude, :welcome: to the Forum dude have fun!!

By the Way loved that Fingering Nuns On Mars 12" and the first CD, good stuff!
They where rotating loads at our house when they came out.

Haven't checked the new CD yet, but probably should :Wink3:
Welcome aboard mate, hope your stay here will be most enjoyable, Namaste to you :Smile3:
Thanks all,
Colin, thanks for your kind words! and about the addiction, well, before putting the kettle on this morning I found myself reading party reviews here…I'm going down….
Thanks shroomy :Smile3:
Geoff- Fingering Nuns 12" – that's a collectors' item (I think only you and me have it by now hehe)
Phonograph- Glad you liked that one, can't wait to release the J.viewz album and see how it takes, this one will be the first track in it I think.
Namaste to you too Lotus xx

K, to the foruuuums