H.UVA. NETWORK "Distances" (Ultimae Rec.)

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H.U.V.A. Network “Distances” (Ultimae Rec.)

Describing the deep, murky and uncommonly inspired ambient produced by H.U.V.A. Network requires a bit of an unusual starting concept: the distance. After an intensive collaboration over the net from two different locations in the making (Jupiter Studio, Sweden- Ultimae Studio, France) this is the fascinating first full-length offering from a promising collaboration between two renowned producers, Vincent Villuis (Aes Dana) and Magnus Birgersson (Solar Fields). Indeed, Huva Network’s debut emerges as something more than a mere collection of ambient tunes: with “Distances” they have succeed in creating an ambient downtempo album with some progressive morning trance and industrial drones, a masterpiece of uncanny emotional resonance and lyrical grace. With its pulsing bass patterns, whispering feedbacks and refined depths in the more atmospheric moments, it stands a statement to the duo’s singular gift for aural imagery, well chosen sonic details, thematic richness and a cinematic coherence, all fused in one record to create a panoramic randez-vous between their ambient worlds.

Gonna have this by next week!
Love to see collaborations like these!
Bring it on! :smokingrasta:
Lovely lovely lovely....

We were lucky (or impatient) enough to actually have it delivered last Friday!

What a perfect listen for after Saturday's carnage in Symbiosis..

Ultimae never cease to please me..

Well done guys, keep it up..

One question: What do you mean by "internet technologies"? We're the computers actually connected in real time or were files just being swapped very very often?