HAILS , Im DJ SETH and Im coming over!


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HEllo u all, Im new in the forum, Im DJ SETH, Im brazilian some mighty nknow me better by the name Setherian wich is my main music project. Im moving to London in a few days so London will be my first home soon and I hope this forum can be a second hehe.

>Seth :Wink3:
Howdy Seth, come on in and dont be shy :welcome:

Love & light

Mrs B :Smile3:
welcome to the magical mystery bus to further psychedelics. :smokingrasta:


:shrooms: :speaker: :shrooms: :shrooms:
Thanks for the warm reception guys. I hope I can meet many of u soon, Im playing at Event Horizon in February 28th there so, maybe thats a good choice huh.
nyway, i also invite u all to check my progressive label website www.aeon-rec.com , this year , Aeon shall arise for good!


hey Seth, moving from BBBRasil to England hey?? ......err why??? it's freezing mate!!

Glad to have you on the forum, you'll totally love te UK scene mate. Oh and i've heard a few of your tracks Seth, ROCK ON!!!! :punk: