Top 10 hangover causes and cures

mad ron

It was music that messed me up last night but it is music that will save me this morning.

Last Nights Causes

1. Milo - Drop the Pressure

2. Zoot Woman - Its automatic

3. Stone Roses - Fools Gold

4. Jonny Cash - Personal Jesus

5. Justus Khoenke - Timecode

6. The Specials - Message To You Rudy

7. Red Hot Chilli peppers - Can't Stop

8. Yello - Oh Yeah (Ferris Bueler Theme Song)

9. Crispy and Loom - Lergit Hund

10. R Kelly - You Got That Vibe

Today's Cures

1. 10cc - I'm not in love

2. RJD2 - Ghostwriter

3. Mos Def - Shine a light

4. Bjork - All is full of love (Plaid rmx)

5. Coco Rosie - Not for sale

6. Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing

7. The Shins - New slang

8. JJ Cale - Cajun Moon

9. Recloose - Dust

10. Jefferson Airplane - Ballad Of Of You And Me & Pooneil
1. Diazepam
2. Lorazepam
3. Nitrazepam
4. Temazepam .............:Smile3:

Cure - Stay in bed :Smile3:

mad ron

That track came as part of a medley of 9 tracks with the word vibe in the title. Also 5 tracks by people called bernard. If they weren't all so crap I would have done a top ten out of those.

Sadly before Milo, Before fools gold and before any of the jonny cash it was 100% wrong. I'd say it was wrong on impact.

I'm feeling better now though, Largely thanks to 10cc.