Harmonia Records V/A ''IBIZA 10am'' Compilation


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Harmonia Records
V/A IBIZA 10am Compilation
Format : Cd Digipack
BarCode : 5209632522195
Rel.Date : 24/3/2005

This is the new avant garde compilation of the Greek label Harmonia based in Athens. Dj Pan Papason , official member of EtnicaNet is responsible
for choosing and compiling the tracks of this release.
Pan Papason who has left his footprints on the whole psy trance scene over the last decade, had participated in hundreds of parties one every corner of this planet and responsible for spreading the trance idea on every single country where he had traveled the last years is one of the most anticipated trance djs nowdays.
After living many years in London which was the Mecca of psy trance scene during the period of 94-98, moved to Ibiza following all those pioneers of trance(Etnica/Pleiadians,GMS,Antaro,Deedrah Frank Eetc..)to focus on producing his own sound.With many collaborations such as with Protoculture,Lotus Omega etc till now his first tracks are already hits on our audience.
For this compilation Pan cooked a unique in style cd,exploring the morning side of trance as he only can do after the experiences he had so far as a dj.Nine bombers coming out from the biggest studios, are selected for this cd which we reassure you that all trance listeners will love it.
Covering all the new ideas and platforms of the psy trance,Orion,Pleiadians,S Range,Biotonic phase smoothly with new names such as ION,Overlap,Jirah and compressor who already with their recent releases get the respect of the audience.
Please welcome this new thundering cd with these 9 new exclusive and previously unreleased tracks to join everyone of you on every moment of your life.
For your maximum pleasure the cd is digitally mastered on one of the biggest studios in spain and the artwork is crafted by Mauri of the EtnicaNet.

01.Pleiadians – Asteroids
02.ION – Eveybody On The Floor
03.S Range – Super Signal
04.Biotonic – The Right Time
05.Overlap – Party All Day Long
06.Pan – Pantastic Happiness
07.Orion – Elecric Pulse
08.Jirah – Crystalline
09.Compressor – Shink

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