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Time to prime..
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My first release! It's track 1 with Nate and Pan!

(Check the third hi-hat in the second bar of the third chorus, you'll hear a little reverb - that was me!)


..I'd like to thank my Mum, Dad and everyone who supported me inc the Brighton massive, Vin, Ans, Tristan, Pan, Anti, Nate etc etc etc etc thank you thank you...
It's been 10 years..

I'm thrilled!! Whoooo.

Yay! (someone's got to be excited!)

Yeah saw this last night on psyshop, looks very interesting :Wink3:

best o' luck
good work zaven :Smile3: This release sounds gert lush, heard the samples loadsa flowing vibes with a kinda goa feel... especially the bamboo forest track old skool vibe! Quality sounds. I wan it.
the overlap track is AWESOME!
track two made me think of hux flux after a lot of speed - really hectic track but i do raaaather like it (not my normal type)
bamboo one, not massively keen on the old school style, however did hear it played out by a mate on fri when i was smashed and ...-> weeeeeeeeeee (where's the banana gone?!)

rest to come as sadly only listening during commuting at the moment :sad:
much stomping occured on the waterloo and city last night (picture girl wiggling surrounded by dark nasty suits men :ph34r: )
from v hazy friday night session :smokingr: remember last tracks being really intersting too (esp POG and c tone but was in a mess on the sofa ::?:Smile3:!!
go greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece :wub: :wub: :wub:

Changed my mind re bamboo f track- i hate it, gets to a painful bit later on eek
the pog track is good, a lot more structured and a bit more common in form than the old one bullet, but good
there's one that starts off with some indian singing (run for the hills) but then breaks into absolute RUDENESS!! wicked, has a bit of an epic bit towards the end that i dont like, but then bakc to the rudeness, sure the crowds woudl really really really like it :bananada:
track 10 - boring
track 1 got me at a good moment and it's really really good, it's a really chilled track with layers and layers, took me a few goes to click, with some 'rugs bingo first time!!

the polaris tune is a bomb, i wrote above about the pog track and another with singing - it's the same one tho!

this compilation has been my best buy in awhile, surprised and delighted

BUY IT if you havent!!
Top Quality Compilation Filling Up My Stereo Entertainment time!! Loads of unheard of artists for me but they all come up with the goods a great entrance into the psy trance world for sure!! buy it :Wink3:
To Overlap,

Your tunes are rude! Particularly enjoy 'deja Vu' and your release on the harmonia comp. - where are you playing this summer?
discostu this summer i am at home studio in Moscow making some noise:Smile3:
waiting some bookings,hope we'll come this year to UK :Smile3:
best regards