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I'm musical theatre graduate and live the U.K.

I'm 24 and have been hanging out in L.A for the last 2 years. I met Dimitri - with friends in common - and continued to love the music.

I've been to many of the major festies including the Boom when Anti played a ledgendary set - now that's what I call a collective experience.

I've since met him and his cool girlfriend in Sweden coz my boyfriend plays sometimes plays there..

I juslove the scene and 'outdoor' trip with like minded spirits (all the usual cliches..)

I've also experienced some parties in Brazil...

I'd like to keep it real in here and say what I think without fear of being condemned for my opinions. And Vica Verca.

I have put on some events myself too but prefer a low profile as there are alot of idiots in London who don't ever get out but are seemingly confident to comment on the world scene and everone's place within it.

I've been all over and make few claims to know 'how things are' but I do know the Love when I feel it.

Welcome to psyforumUK Harmony :Smile3: Be yourself, you cannot go wrong :Wink3: