Have U ever met a mad dready?

Ben Air

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<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'> :sun: U might have met me or my girlfriend-Katie :shrooms: @ Astral Pheonix-New years n :mushrooms: Tip records&Liquid @ Rex, :wizard1: Tekinical Wizardy,@ EQ Warehouse or most recently n importantly :speaker: - The Synergy Project @ SeOne 28/02/04 :wow: which I have done a review on which I would appreciate u all 2 read n give me some feedback as its the 1st review I've ever done!!! PEACe, LOVE & TRANQUILITY with a little dose of :runsmile: Nautiness :peace: :smokingr: </span>
hello and :welcome:

just outta interest, does ur gf have fake-coloured dreads and stuff in her hair? or originally from tonbridge in kent?

if so, then i may have met you,
if not, apologies for being so weird and freaky!

No, but maybe we'll meet in the future. Anyhow, Hi for now
:smokingrasta: Hi guys, haven't met you yet.... i don't think. probably bump into you guys bopping the nite away at some party sooner or later.

Ciao for now

Bons x :speaker: :smokingr:
welcome to the Forum. See you on the...........