Havin' It 2005!

Spit Fire

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:jump: Hi, we are Spit Fire, new members in Psy Forum.

We like full on Psychedelic Trance and we party :party2:
party :clubjump:
party ... :clublase:

We are based in London and we wouldn't be surprised that you know who we are, mind you, we DO specialise in squat parties... :shrooms: :sun:


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hellooo Spit Fire.... :hihug:

Nice to meet you, well on the forum anyway! :lol:
i'm pretty new to the forum too!
Situated in London also... best place really :Grin:
Enjoy it... :tongue1:

Hopefully will meet you around and about somewhere, either at a squat or party... keep your eye out! :jump:

Take care.... :P
Love moi, Liz!!


Spit Fire

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Spit Fire here...

Thanks for the welcoming Crisps and Psychedelvic :Grin:

What to say, but hoping that you are as chillin - :smokingr: - like this at the moment..!

One more day of work and then then we go :partysmi: !!!!!!

Dripping & dropping! Excellent!


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I love squat parties!!!! Welcome guys! Its sooooooooooooo good to have u!!! YAY :wo^thy:

Anna BANANA :bananada: :bananada: :bananada: :bananada: