heading towards a full-on psy collision...


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heya :Grin:

i've been screw-dled for net access recently, only to come back & discover a glut of superb tracks! this forum is fucking ace, and i really think we MUST get a comp cd going.

anyhoos, here's a new track... it's called 'nailz' after a friend of ours :Smile3:

dowloads here:


and click on 'nailz'.

i'm really interested to hear people's feedback about this one, it's still undergoing constant revisions (the producer's eternal torment :Wink3:) but it's amongst the harder stuff i've done.

please let me know what you think!

phwaar - chunky... really likin this and i'm only listening on incy-wincy computer speakers.. :Grin:

the bass is really driving. not too sure about the chord changes around 5:40 though, didn't seem to any particular reason for them :unsure:

nice psy sounds during the breakdowns, and kicking back in nicely every time.. keep em coming!


thanks a lot!

i'm not entirely sure about the bassline chord change either. it sounds a bit generic, i think, but i wasn't sure whether they're entirely necessary. i will do a revised version & have a listen, it's entirely possible that it just doesn't need any extra bass variation.

thanks for the feedback, keep those replies coming people! please! it's the only way i'll learn!!!!