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hello hello hello

i just won bet (but no hands wee shaken and no money agreed but its the prinicipal so yea) james and kristy did pull and it was about 5 to midnight and i said they would pull by 12 so yeah!

any way my name is actually adam and im a friend of jojo's if anyone knows her? anyway... i came on to look at the debate about vegans eating honey and so i had to sign and seeing as i have now i thought i would become an active member.

now isnt this a weird bananna?? :bananada: :bananada:

anyway does anyone remember beanz?? the kind of internet currency, that went bust??

humm i think i shall stop being so self indulgent and look about the forum.

hello adam, i know u!!! welcome silly head :Smile3:

banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana mr banana is cool! :bananada: :bananada:
wow thankyou everyone, hey jon!
damn i felt bad on thursday, but i got to go see venetian snares in the evening and some other nutty gabba artists, muah-hahaha :speaker: !! i think i pulled quite few muscles in my back but it was worth it (even if we did some how manage to fuck up one of his decks, we're more hardcore than a huge canadian gabba writer (in both senses of the word!))

anyway no doubt i will be seeing u (in a virtual sense most likley)


Hello mate! :drinking:

:welcome: to the forum!

Be seeing you at a party or in Cambridge soon...

:wub: to jojo and eli
i'm sure we could find you a stranger banana if you'd like one

here's a party in your honour

:speaker: :smilemus:
:party2: :partysmi: :party2:
venetian snares eh .....?

.... interesting stuff - I have never yet to this day met anyone else who listens to them. Very crazy music !! gated madness .... makes you just sit there and listen .... Where did you see them play Adam ? Were they playin live ?>? If so how were they doing it .... <intruiged>

Anyways ...... welcome to da forum man ......

i saw him at the portland arms in cambridge (a small pub, which was way, way to small), he was using two cd decks and some kind of weird orange touch sensitive pad to mix in effects or summink (not mixing cos i saw him use the decks for that).

thanx for the welcome everyone, you guys are all really lovley, i just wanna have sex with all of you over my keyboard, till you puch your fists into the monitor mid-orgasm :Grin:
hiya, welcome, bananas etc...


venetian snares rule, only heard a couple of their tracks but it's definitely someone i'd like to see live... glitchcore-tatstic