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The Wiggal
Hello there :Grin:

Good afternoon to you all, a couple of pals have told me about this place, so tis baout time I joined, so Hola Amigo's!

My name is Choo, from the N.W, I'm sure i'll be seeing some Alienz here, hehe! I stumbled across Psy Trance when my neighbour at college purchased a far louder stereo than me, and hey, lets face it - its a far happier vibe than Machine Head and Nirvana! Still in the N.W, having a fab time, currently training to be a Bear.

Give us a growl... GGGrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Take care everyone

Love, light and sunbeams :tongue1:
Thank you very much Tom :Grin:
Nice to see such a sunny bunch of people :sun:
Not long till the Glade Festival now... hope to see lots of you there having a good 'ole :party2:

Love & Light
Hello newbies! :welcome: and congratulations on finding the place that will result in lack of work or social life! :lol:
Enjoy and see everyone at Glade mehopes!

Nothing can get in the way of my social life! Won't let it :jump:

Anything is more than welcome to get in the way of work though, oops, its after 9 and i'm on here alreadys, best be careful :!: hehe

Love & light :sun:

Choo x(",)x