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Greetings from Finland, everybody (:

A kind soul directed me here, and since I'm always eager for new adventures, here I am :Grin:

Hmm??? How to describe yourself even remotely with 200 words??

I've been going to psy parties for 5 yrs now, and listening to the music a few years longer... And I'm still completely in love with the oldschool goa sound :Smile3:
I've been also writing my own tracks for about 4 years now, and lately gotten to the surprising point that people actually seem to love my music very much. How nice.

I also do all kinds of weird stuff like dying (like in "dye" not "die"<g>), silk screen printing, stained glass, etc... But these are just hobbies, I'm not very productive. And I don't like money & selling things so much anyway so mostly I just do things for myself & some special friends for fun.

I was a prisioner of consciousness back in 1999/2000 when I refused to go into the army, and now I'm working at the Amnesty International and studying environmental sciences at the university. So you might call me one of those people who are willing to sacrifice themselves somewhat in the hope of a better future for us all.

ninjas are pretty cool.
almost as cool as pirates!
i hope i will be a ninja some day.
if not,
then please even a pirate!

- love & laughter, Taika-Kim!!!!!
arrr me hearty.. welcome to psyforum.. shiver me timbers.. etc..


huw xx :Grin:
hiya mate.....hope you enjoy!! :sun: