Hello again lovely people


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Hello again fluffsters :Smile3: It's only me, Vic.

52DSL has taken a sabbatical, he's off roaming different galaxies. This is still the same 'ole me(erm, dunno if that's good or bad :unsure:Smile3:, i just fancied a change that's all.

Anyways, nice to be back, happy hugs and happiness to all and see you on the trancefloor :Wink3:

:tongue1: :cool:
:welcome: your gonna love it here! Oh wait, you already do! :P

:shrooms: :wizard1: :drinking:
Welcome back

Hi Vic and thanks for your greeting to me !!

I like your new handle buddy !!! :!:

Roll a big fat one on me ! :smokingr:
naah sod that! you've been 'ere ages!!!

hehe *hugs* can I just say though that whenever I look at your new name I think of a 'Psychedelic Pelvis' which may or may not be a bad thing!
/me peeks around....

heee heee bring on the Glade...
xxLiLoxx :rolleyes:
:jump: hi just hapee to be here so i thought i'd say helloo i'm new to the scene here in uk so any leads would be just ....
u know :partysmi:
luv u all :!: