Hello all. . :)


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Hello all :Smile3:
I'm a new member here, so i should say hello and introduce myself.

Well i spin records, i've been listening to psy and goa for about 4 years, and i love long walks on the beach . . . . .

I like Twisted alot, they seem to pick up some really good artists. I still am yet to find a better album then Ott's blumenkraft.

That's about all, i will see you sometime on the forum =)



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:ismile: Hello! Twisted are great arn't they! Hope you have fun here!:ibiggrin:
Welcome dude!!

Note the twisted party on the 3rd of march at the seone in the parties section - gonna be a belter!!



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604 at the door,
come on in!
where ya bin!?


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Hey there

Welcome to the Forum


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Twisted very good but do not mention Infected Mushroom or Paedos. Yes Blumenkraft is very good but A Flock of Beeps could be better. Have fun kiddo.


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...and when josh is back from 'mass ignore' be sure just to ignore him. Seriously it's the best way


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I there...and welcome:hihug: yes they are great but there is a lot of good stuff out there! 1200mics, psysex or digital talk are great in my view, but then again if you are into the old school psy-trance scene you should try Goa GiL the old man knows how to make you dance :dancey: :cooljump: :dancey:

keep the good spirit alive,dance until you drop or drop until you dance

om namah shivaya!!! hara hara nameved!!!


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Heya liam! good to see you made it! have you chatted to the man himself yet? hehe....

yeh as simmo said - come to the uk for the 3rd of march - twisted party!!! you can stay with me!

happy spinning x