Hello All :-)


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Just a quick hello to everyone. I am ian (prolly guessed that from my user name though dur!!!). I live in Kent (born and bread), and currently reside in sunny dartford :Smile3:........

Me and me partner are of to the Glade again this year and it would be good to meet some like minded people as the past two years we went alone (all my mates are into 'normal' music, and woud rather go to V than glade.....)

We may also be going to voov, funds depending really, me partner has some friends who are going and says it would be a cracking event, it would also mean we could make a holiday out of it and see her folks while we are there :Smile3: (she is a German lass if you hadnt guessed)

So thats me and mel (the better half)

Please to meet you all.....



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Hello! I'll be at glade too, on a solo mission of love and dancing so yeah - we should have a hook-up spot for people at the id spiral chilloutyness or something hehe :Smile3:

nice to meet ya ian!



I'll be working in the ID Spiral cafe, come and see if tortoise is there (keep asking I'll be there 6 hours a day) always wicked to meet new peeps!

Hugs T x


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The Keta-Miner said:
hi mate.
whereabouts in kent? Near tonbridge/tunbridge wells?
Going to Glade you say?
Can me and about six mates get a lift? :ibiggrin:



Shame I havent got a mini bus as I would imagine that it could be a laugh travelling up there 8 strong ;-).....

Hope to see as meet as many new people as possible :Smile3:))

The Keta-Miner

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Don't worry i was taking the piss.
in fact if i've passed by then (been lazy for three years now) and if my friend lets me borrow his ambulance i can probably give you a lift up there.