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hi guys, here's a brief few words about me:
ok, im 24, live in surrey not too far from guilford, i've am interested in most styles of music but have quite recently (well for about a year) been captivated by the hypnotic world of psy.
i've been producing tunes since i was 16 but didnt ever really feel any genre enough to put all my heart and soul in, until a good friend of mine introduced me to psychedelic trance.
having focused alot of effort in creating new and original sounds, developing production techniques and pouring hours of frustration into getting my mastering skills fine tuned, im anticipating within the next six months to have a few tunes rocking the psy trance world, i also hope you will not be dissapointed.
believe me, he has talent :speaker:

so, if anyone out there can direct him to any lovely studios/labels looking for new talent, email aerendraca or myself !

i'd soooo love to be stomping to one of his tunes sometime soon :partysmi:
Hey welcome home, don't be a stranger... :cool:

Hi aerendraca & :welcome: ... mmm can't wait to hear some of your stuff :Smile3:
:wub: :welcome: :wub:

Belated but straight from my furry heart


well cant really give you anything better than emmas tea/cusion combo, and lilo's sought after squeezy bounce
but err, hey welcome maaaandinga
heeeeeeelllllllloooooooooo you!!!

lotsa smiles and welcomes. :drinking: