Hello chucks :-)


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Hi there,

I'm from Wolves - at uni in High Wycombe.

I've finally got round ot joining this here little forum, howdy to Will, Anton, John and Dark Angel if u read this :P

It's 4 days til Voov now. can't wait! Hope 2 c lots of funky peepsters there - if ur going get in touch.

Love Claire :peace:
Welcome aboard :Smile3:
Hey, welcome!
Enjoy voov and tell us what we've missed!
Hello, yep, going to Voov too :voov: Can't wait :stickouttongue:
HELLOOOOOOOO! and :welcome: have a wild time @ Voov, and enjoy our forum our friend

Love & Light

Mrs B
Hiya and :welcome: to the Forum!!!

I'm soooo jealous!!! Can't go cos i've just set-up a new business!!!!

(should have set it up in winter!!!)

But i'll see you there next year!!!


aloha and welcome :partysmi:

yup..i'm also heading off to da voov :voov:

can't wait..only 3 more sleeps!
Hello Ultraviolet - nice to meet ya !!!

Yup - I'm goin too - only two more sleeps though for me coz I'm going thursday mornin'

Maybe see you there !!!

:voov: :Grin:
:wizard1: hello mate nice to meet you
Hello baby :Grin:

Only 2 odd years later :Wink3:

Quick update then: I'm now in Oxford - and Voov 2003 was muchos fun! Very hot though.

Love and hugs
whats this then.....oh i see....ross is at it again dragging old posts up from yesteryear hehehehe
eeeerm seeing as how I didnt say hello first time around......HELLO! hope to see ya soon chuck...
the kenobillyone xx