Hello everybody! *waves hand*


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Hello fellow walkers of the psychedelic path!

I'm 24 & a resident of Leeds where I can be regularly found stomping away at local nights Cabbage & Crystal Yamantaka (both of which are highly recommended by the way!:Wink3:)

I've been intrigued & enraptured by psychedelic music & culture since I was about 15 or so, but have only really thrown myself into the psy-trance end of things in the last 8 months I guess.
It's been quite a trip so far, & I can't wait to see where it takes me next!

Warm hugs & peace to you all,,,,,,:cooljump:



There's a gnu in my squat
Yay, I keep hearing good things about Cabbage - must get there soon :Grin:
Welcome PinholeStar :Smile3:


Hey PinholeStar, welcome to the forum, nobody will bite you here, well unless you ask them.