hello everybody


king souther xx

yo!!! im new to the forums and slightly new to the world of psy trance and parties, but im loving it!! i live in the kingscross area ( not many parties..boohoo, if ur in the area, contact me, get wasted :smokingr: ,go to parties etc...) and am studying japanese at Soas univ, course rulez but the people suck.

looking forward to any gatherings with youse guys!! i leave u...with a short, stupid but funny joke

a man walking down the road see's another man hitting his head with a hammer. he asks the man with the hammer' why are you hitting urself with a hammer?'

the man replies ' dude, it feels sooooo good when i stop' :Grin:

all hail the limecat! http://limecat.net/
....and a good day to you too sah! :lol1:

anybody going to any parties from kingscross, look me up! im always up for a party no matter how far, as long as i can get there by the tube!
Hi dude!


You'll find this a very friendly place.

And it's fun meeting people at parties.

There are some fantastic parties advertised, and reminisced over, on this forum. And from Kings Cross, you are centrally located to get to all the London venues dead easy. For the really good out-of-town venues, you'll need Euston (for Stereo Chemistry in Birmingham) or Paddington (for Tribe of Frog in Bristol). But ToF are doing a London party in May, on Holloway Road, just two stops on the Piccadilly Line from you.

Pete :sonne: :partysmi: