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hello, my names yogipaul. i'm 37 (already!) and i love me trance. had a bangin' night at the frog do in the rocket on sat, any of you make it there? makes you feel glad to be alive when the kick-drum & 303's are making your nipples twiddle! love to Ott, what a lovely guy and as usual a storming set! those new tunes giving us a taster of things to come on the new album, can't wait, love to all. :bananada:
hey Yogi, welcome......

37 is one of my fave numbers....
Heya Yogi, didn't make it to the Rocket unfortunately, was at a birthday party, but heard it was amazing. Maybe see you at the next Baraka though? I'll be diverging from the usual mermaid theme to be a pixie, look out for me and say hello.

hugs, Tortoise xxx

i'll be the tall, dark and smiley one ! see you there tortoise, i hope! will you be coming out of your shell for the night? hugs to you, yogipaul xx :Wink3: